Top 20 Things You Can Outsource

and How to Begin

I want to share my experiences, learnings and resources with others. Here are some ways I work with Entrepreneurs...

Online Workshop

Simple System to Start Outsourcing Today. You are going to learn the exact system I take my clients through to begin outsourcing their tasks and projects in order to free up their time, make more money, and have more freedom while running their business. 

Start Outsourcing Now

- 60 minute deep dive on your business with documented report on areas to outsource and next steps

-Co-created SOPs (1-2)

-Template to create your personal Business Operations Manual

-Access to my mentored and vetted VA pool

Find a Virtual Assistant

You will gain access to fully vetted and mentored (by me) Virtual Assistants from around the world. 

Other Ways to Work Together

Products and Resources

Templates and Tools and Resources Galore! I love to share with other entrepreneurs. Head over and find a new goodie or two for your business.

Mentoring and Strategy

I work 1:1 with entrepreneurs as a mentor through building their business with the emphasis on strategy and implementation. We can work together to build strategy for a particular launch, marketing strategy, and/or overall business strategy for growth. Together we will develop a personalized plan that will work for you.  

Book Paula to Speak or Train

I speak and/or train on a variety of topics, and I would like to meet new entrepreneurs and learn what's going on in this big, wide world. My goal is to speak more this year so book me! Head over to my speaking page to learn more about me and the topics I can share.